Women’s Week 2016 at the Barcelona Knowledge Hub of the Academia Europaea

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“Women and Migrations. Challenges and opportunities”

With the support of the “Academia Europaea 2016 Hubert Curien Fund” and the collaboration of the CERCA Institute, the UNU-GCM, and the RAMC

March 3, Thursday

Ÿ18.00-19.00 h.

Location: IEC, Prat de la Riba Room

Distinguished Lecture:

“Women and cultural transmission. The essential role of translation”

By Mary Ann NewmanFarragut Fund, New York

Ÿ19.00-20.00 h

Location: IEC, Prat de la Riba Room

Greater than Life. In remembrance of Lynn Margulis (1938-2011)

By Ricard Guerrero, MAE, UB and UMASS-Amherst

Lin in Espain. How she stood our Spanish-Catalan accent.” (Documentaries selected by Rubén Duro)

And by John FeldmanFilmmaker, Hummingbird Films, New York

“Symbiotic Earth”

Ÿ20.00-21.00 h. 

Location: Royal Academy of Medicine of Catalonia (RAMC)

Concert: Music from Syria and the Kurdistan, a nation without a State

By the Gani Mirzo Band. Neila BenBey (singer), Francesc Puig (clarinet), Juan Jose Barreda (flamenco guitar), and Gani Mirzo (ud, buzuk, composer)

March 4, Friday

Ÿ17.00-19.00 h

Location: IEC, Prat de la Riba Room

InterSection Workshop: “Women, migrations and war”

Convenor: Mitsi Ito

– Mitsi Ito, New York, Barcelona

“How a New Yorker fell in love with Barcelona”

– Maryam Ghafouri, Teheran, Madrid

“Opportunities of Muslim women in the Western World”

– Pere Castaño, Sabadell

“Walking with immigrants”

– Carmen Chica, Barcelona

“Poetry in war, poetry on war”

– Closing lecture: Salvador Giner, MAE, University of Barcelona

“Is war a male affair?”

Ÿ19.00-19.30 h

Location: IEC, Prat de la Riba Room

Commemoration of the International Year of Global Understanding

By Silvia Pellicer, YAE, University of Zaragoza

Women on the Move: The Transnational Era and the power of Art

Ÿ19.30-20.30 h 

Location: IEC, Cloister, 1st floor

Art exhibit

Curator: Anna Wasmer

– Digital art: Photomontage by Teresa Gironès: “The Book of Beasts. Palmira 2015.” Reflections of the dangers of power and the horrors of war.

Introduced by Núria López Ribalta, critic of art

– Paintings by Trini Sotos: “Women/Dones/Mujeres.” Reflections and aesthetics of female emotions

Introduced by Eusebi Vila Delclòs, artist painter

Ÿ20.30-21.00 h

ReceptionIEC Cloister, ground floor.



Women’s Day Lectures 2006-2015

The IEC and the International Women’s Day, 2006-2013, by Carme Puche

Ramon Casas (1866-1932), portrait of a time, by Carmen Chica