December 9th, 2015

20 h – 21 h

Royal Chapel of St. Agatha, Gothic Quarter, Barcelona

Among the activities of the Disputatio Week 2015, a concert on medieval music from the time of Ramon Llull by soprano Lídia Pujol was held in the same Royal Chapel where de Disputatio Debate took place.

Lidia Pujol is a renowned singer and songwriter from in Barcelona who has sung in Catalan, Spanish, French, English and Gaelic. She has a great interest in the coexistence of different cultures, and has built her own identity by mixing various styles including Yiddish, Celtic, Medieval, and Sephardic. For Lídia’s art, culture and emotions are the tools to build a new social sensitivity. She has collaborated with such artists as Sílvia Comes, Brian Dunning (Nightnoise), Jackson Brown, Dulce Pontes, Lluís Llach and Mayte Martín.

At the concert, she sang pieces of original music she wrote or adapted which accompanied Ramon Llull’s words, ideas, poems and concepts.




Si no ens entenem pel llenguatge,

entenem-nos per l’amor

(If we cannot understand to each other through words,

let us understand through love)

Lídia Pujol, voice

Miquel Àngel Cordero, double bass and voice

Pau Figueres, guitar




  1. Preface: He mirat aquesta terra. I have cast my eyes upon this land (Poetry: S. Espriu – Music: Raimon)
  2. Cant de la Sibil·la. The Song of the Sibyl (Manacor Manuscript, 15th c.)
  3. Verge humil /Oh!, Déu, valeu! Humble virgin/Oh! Worthy of God! (The Mystery Play of Elche, 13th -14th c.)
  4. A vós, dona Verge Santa Maria. To you, Blessed Virgin Mary (R. Llull, anonymous Provençal, 12th -14th c.)
  5. Quand vei la lauseta mover. When I see the lark beat his wings (Bernard of Ventadorn, 1147-1170)
  6. Veni Creator Spiritus. Come Creator Spirit (Raban Maur, 9th c.).
  7. Cuncti simus concanentes. Let us all sing together (The Red Book of Montserrat, 14th c.)
  8. Polorum Regina. Queen of Heaven (The Red Book of Montserrat, 14th c.)
  9. Quan ay lo mon consirat. If I consider the world (Unknown, troubador song, 12th c.)
  10. Ad mortem festinamus. We Rush into Death (The Red Book of Montserrat, 14th c.)
  11. Navega sola. Sail alone (Mayte Martín)
  12. El testament d’Amèlia. Amelia’s last will and testament (Popular Catalan song)
  13. Hi ha gent. There are people (Joan Verges / Joni Mitchell, M. Àngel Cordero)
  14. Sogna fiore mio. Dream, my flower (L’Arpeggiatta, traditional Napolitan song)