Within the framework of the Disputatio 2014: The Mediterranean, bridge of cultures, the Barcelona Knowledge Hub and the Institute for Catalan Studies are organising the first Intersection Workshop of the Barcelona Knowledge Hub of the Academia Europaea entitled The Mediterranean at a crossroads. Past, present and future”. It will be a set of seven talks including speakers from diverse scientific backgrounds: Jean-Pierre Brun, University of Rennes, M. Dolors Garcia Ramon and Isabelle Anguelovski, Autonomous  University of Barcelona, Alessandro Tessari, University of Padua, Marc Mayer, University of Barcelona, and Salvador Giner, Institut for Catalan Studies.

The full programme of the event is already available here.

The event will take place on Friday 28th of November, from 9.30 h to 18h, in the Pere i Joan Coromines Room at the Institute for Catalan Studies and it will be followed by a guided visit to the exhibition “The Mediterranean as you’ve never seen it before” and a choral concert at CosmoCaixa Science Museum.

Attendance to the workshop is free but registration is required (e-mail to barcelona@acadeuro.org).