The registered office and corporate headquarters of the Academia Europaea, is responsible for the overall operations and administration of the Academy; it is specifically responsible for oversight of and co-ordination across the regional Hubs, legal and financial administration and governance of the Academy, sponsorships, relations with external organisations, relationships with members, corporate publications and the commissioning and delivery of major activities.

Academia Europaea
Room 251, 2nd floor
Senate House
University of London
Malet Street
London WC1E 7HU
Tel: + 44 (0) 207 862 5784


Dr. David Coates
Executive Secretary

Teresa McGovern


The Barcelona Knowledge Hub was established in 2013 through a joint agreement between the Academia Europaea and three partners in Catalonia: the Autonomous Government of Catalonia, the Barcelona City Council, and the Fundación Interbancaria “la Caixa”. The Hub is located in the site of the Institute for Catalan Studies (IEC).

Description of the Hub:
The Barcelona Knowledge Hub (BKH) is the Academia Europaea’s office for the Mediterranean and Southern European region. We focus on the promotion of activities of interest for the members of the Academia and the scientific community in general, with special emphasis on multidisciplinary scientific activities that include the perspectives of the natural and biomedical sciences, the social sciences and the humanities. Our goal is to contribute to the consolidation of a genuine European area of innovation, research, and education around the Mediterranean Sea, a truly historical and modern bridge of cultures.
The Hub is managed by a local project group under the direction of Prof. Dr. Ricard Guerrero, MAE (Organismic & Evolutionary Biology Section).

The BKH has an International Advisory Committee that meets annually. Currently it is formed by the following persons: Enric Banda, Pedro García-Barreno, M. Dolors García Ramón, Ramon Gomis, Sergiu Hart, Yvon Le Maho, Genoveva Martí, Marc Mayer, Maria Paradiso, Regina Revilla, and Rosalia Vargas.

Carrer del Carme, 47 (IEC Building)
08001 Barcelona
Tel. +34 932701727


Prof. Dr. Ricard Guerrero
Academic Director

Kimberly Katte
Hub Manager


Academia Europaea Knowledge Hub Wrocław was established on 16th of December 2011.

The main aims of Academia Europaea Wrocław Knowledge Hub are supporting Central and Eastern European scholars, mobilization and internationalization of the local scientific institutions, establishment and consolidation of relations between foreign and local researchers, organisation and coordination of conferences, symposia and seminars.

Past events and activities:
Wrocław Hub has organised variety of visiting lectures, among others series of lectures Europa Una (co-organised with Regional Center for International Debate), and summer schools (co-organised with University of Wrocław and Wrocław University of Technology). AEKH Wrocław, in cooperation with University of Wrocław, is conducting a three year programme of Seminars under the name of the Wrocław Seminars financed by the Riksbankens Jubileumsfond. To date, there have been four Seminars organised within this programme:

  • Early Modern Print Culture in Central Europe (September 2013),
  • Regimes of Memory II. Types of Trauma Management in Central and Eastern Europe(October 2014),
  • Literary Margins and Digital Media (April 2015),
  • Central Europe and Colonialism: Migrations, Knowledges, Perspectives, Commodities(September 2016).

Rynek 13
50–101 Wroclaw
Tel. / Fax +48 717702026


Dr. Aleksandra Nowak

Katarzyna Majkowska


The Graz Information Centre is located in the second largest city of Austria and was founded in 2010 with the purpose of increasing the visibility of Academia Europaea and its members. The establishment of the Centre was made possible by a joint agreement between Academia Europaea and Graz University of Technology. The office is also responsible for membership administration and registration and the development and application of the nomination system. The Graz Information Centre operates the official corporate website of Academia Europaea which is the main source of information about official policies statements, activities, events and programmes which are issued, (co-)organised, sponsored and promoted by Academia Europaea.

IICM, Graz University of Technology
Inffeldgasse 16c
A-8010 Graz
Tel. +43 (0) 316 873 5612


Dipl.-Ing. Helmut Leitner
Technical Director

Mag. Dana Kaiser

Dr. Hermann Maurer
Scientific Advisor

Dipl.-Ing. Robert Hoffmann
Technical Staff


The Region Bergen Hub was established in 2014 through a joint agreement between the Academia Europaea and four regional partners: Hordaland County Council, City of Bergen, University of Bergen and the Norwegian School of Economics, the County and City being coordinated by Business Region Bergen which also hosts and provides the Hub administration.

Description of the Hub:
The Region Bergen Knowledge Hub (RBKH), operational since 2014, acts as the Academia Europaea branch office in the Nordic, North-Eastern and Arctic regions. It fosters scientific knowledge and research and especially, but not exclusively, develops and runs activities focussing upon the Northern/Arctic Seas and related European resources and opportunities, including threats associated with fragile northern margins.
A cultural heritage linked to maritime logistics, energy culture and Nordic Model societies, offers possibilities for new insight in humans and technology and professional interplay.
The Hub has created the CONSENSUS forum and the achievement colloquium NorSAC.
To support the Hub’s mission the RBKH is in the process of forming an International Advisory Committee. The Hub is managed by a Hub Advisory Group under the direction of Prof. Jan S. Vaagen (

Business Region Bergen
Strandgaten 6
N-5013 Bergen
Tel. +47 9577 0063


Jan S. Vaagen
Academic director

Vidar Totland
Hub Business Coordinator


Regional network of Wales and the rest of the UK, the Republic of Ireland; Biomedical, Life and Related Sciences but other disciplines are also covered.

Description of the Hub:
The Cardiff Hub complements the other existing regional hubs in Wroclaw, Barcelona and Bergen. It provides a facility for implementing the regional dimension policy of the Academia Europaea (AE) and provide benefits to our host (Cardiff University) and the wider region through stimulating new linkages and networks of expertise. The Hub aims to signpost excellence within the region throughout Europe and create a wider collaborative western regional focus for the AE. Cardiff stimulates linkages between the AE at large and the centres of research and scholarship of the Welsh Universities and The Learned Society of Wales (, as well as the GW4 (Great Western) institutions of the UK (Universities of Bristol, Bath, Cardiff and Exeter). In the area of Life Sciences, there will be collaboration with the Academy of Medical Sciences ( The Cardiff Hub has, at the outset, a thematic focus on Biomedical, Life and related sciences, but this does not and will not prevent activities in other areas.

The Cardiff Hub establishes interdisciplinary networks to better coordinate the interest of the AE membership in these key scientific fields; provides signposting of excellence across the regional institutions and catalyses linkages to improve the identification and capture of new research opportunities also outside of the AE member group. The Hub assists in the delivery of the charitable objectives of the AE through an outreach programme that engages the members of the AE and the Young Academy of Europe (YAE) ( with the communities of the defined region. The Learned Society of Wales (LSW) is an important partner in mediating contacts to the Welsh scientific and scholarly communities.

Steering Group:
Ole Petersen CBE FMedSci FLSW MAE ML FRS (Honorary Academic Director and VP of AE, Cardiff University); Yves Barde MAE (Cardiff University); Nora De Leeuw (Pro Vice-Chancellor, Cardiff University); Dianne Edwards CBE, MAE, FRS (Cardiff University); Theo D’Haen MAE (KU Leuven); Donald Dingwell MAE (LMU, Munich); Stephen Holgate CBE, MAE (University of Southampton); Colin Riordan (Vice-Chancellor, Cardiff University); Irene Schulz-Hofer ML MAE (German National Academy of Sciences Leopoldina); Sir John Skehel MAE, FRS (Biol Sec., The Royal Society) and John Tucker MAE (Swansea University, General Secretary Learned Society of Wales [LSW]).

AE Knowledge Hub – Wales

The Hadyn Ellis Building
Cardiff University
Maindy Road
CF24 4HQ
Tel: +44 (0)29 2068 8249


Ole H Petersen
Academic director and vice-president of AE

Juliet Davies
Executive Officer