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Students and instructors of the Barcelona Dialogue 2019, at the cloister of the Institute of Catalan Studies, the site of the class lectures of the Summer Course, 27 May 2019.

“Barcelona Dialogue” is an ongoing collaboration between Northeastern University (NU) in Boston, USA, and the Academia Europaea-Barcelona Knowledge Hub (AE-BKH) for the organisation of an annual summer programme. The main goal of this summer programme is to provide students with an immersion-based learning experience in the art, architecture and history of Barcelona, hands-on workshops and cultural visits, and a unique dialog with local creators, designers, and entrepreneurs.

The “Barcelona Dialogue” summer programme was conceived within the educational framework of experiential learning at the root of Northeastern University’s many academic programmes. This philosophy of higher education is based on the pedagogical premise that a complete education requires a diversity of experiences on a global scale that go beyond the boundaries of the traditional campus, drawing from the latent synergies between social progress, innovation and scholarly research.

Prof. Xavier Costa, Member of Academia Europaea (MAE), serves as Faculty Advisor for the programme, while local and invited faculty members, including other MAEs and AE-BKH staff members and collaborators, have also contributed toward the academic content of the programme in previous editions held on-site in Barcelona (2016, 2017 and 2019). Current circumstances due to the coronavirus pandemic have enabled the possibility of moving certain components of the 2020 edition on-line, opening up opportunities for exploring the use of technology to help the “Barcelona Dialogue 2020” programme achieve its objectives.

In particular, the following elements of the summer programme have been made available online:

  • 2020 Introductory session by Xavier Costa, Faculty Advisor and Member of AE, and by Kimberly Katte, AE-BKH Manager (VIDEO)
  • Two of the 2020 final projects presentations by students Emma Laskaris (VIDEO) and Kelly Ward (VIDEO)
  • Past editions Photo Gallery (2019).
  • Visit to the Museu Blau (13.06.2017) (Natural Science Museum of Barcelona) (VIDEO)
  • Costa-Guix, X (2016) Barcelona Dialogue: A Collaborative Project between Northeastern University, Boston and the AE-BKH. Contrib Sci 12(2): 141-144. doi:10.2436/20.7010.01.254 (PDF)


The AE-BKH looks forward to working with Northeastern University on the next on-site edition of the “Barcelona Dialogue” edition. In the meantime, it has created the on-line tools mentioned above for the enrichment of the academic community.

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