From 2013 until present, the Academia Europaea-Barcelona Knowledge Hub (AE-BKH) has celebrated during the first days of March its annual Women’s Week, in commemoration of the UN International Women’s Day, celebrated world-wide each 8th of March (More information). The programme of the 2018 AE-BKH Women’s Week (WW2018) has the general title of “Woman, science and culture: A symbiotic connection”.

 From March 6 until March 8, 2018 the AE-BKH will celebrate its annual Women’s Week with three different activities in different locations of Barcelona.*

 March 6. A Concert by Lidia Pujol with the title “Polorum Regina. Women as a referent of freedom”. At the Institute for Catalan Studies, Prat de la Riba Hall. C/ Carme, 47. 08001 Barcelona. From 19 h – 21 h. More information

March 7. World Premiere of the documentary film for TV “Symbiotic Earth: How Lynn Margulis rocked the boat and started a scientific revolution”. At the Natural Science Museum of Barcelona. Parc del Fòrum. Pl. Leonardo da Vinci, 4-5. 08019 Barcelona. From 18 h – 21 h. More information

 March 8. Session on “Symbiotic science: The legacy of Lynn Margulis”. Talks by Marta Estrada, Magdalena Albero, Sandra Montón, Dolors Grillo-Bosch and Mercè Piqueras. Presented by Ricard Faura and coordinated by Carmen Chica. At the Athenaeum of Barcelona, Verdaguer Room. C/ Canuda, 6. 08002 Barcelona. From 19 h – 21 h. More information


The March 6th and March 8th sessions will be developed in Catalan or Spanish. The TV film is in English, with subtitles In Spanish.