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(The 31st AE Annual Conference)

 Barcelona, 23-25 October, 2019

Programme overview

The AE has designed a programme for Building Bridges 2019 that will focus on exciting topics in fields ranging from science and technology to the humanities and social sciences, as well as on the current challenges of research and academia as a whole. Sessions will be structured as follows:

Wednesday, 23 October (morning). At the Institute for Catalan Studies, c/ Carme 47, Barcelona.

Workshops of the AE Classes/Sections.  Please note that lunch is NOT included on this day.

Wednesday, 23 October (afternoon). At the Barcelona Athenaeum, c/ Canuda 6, Barcelona.

The conference opens at 15:30 with a Welcome to new AE Members and continues with the two AE Erasmus Medal Lectures, along with their corresponding Laudationes. A reception will follow.

In the evening (20.30h onwards), participants who have previously registered for the President’s Dinner will head to Norai Raval restaurant, by the royal shipyards at Av. Drassanes 1, Barcelona. Dinner requires a separate fee (45€), added during online conference registration; all spots are fully booked.

Thursday, 24 October (all day). At the PRBB. c/Doctor Aiguader, 88, Barcelona.

The programme continues at the Barcelona Biomedical Research Park (PRBB), which overlooks the Mediterranean Sea and houses some of the most prestigious research institutions in Barcelona and in all of Southern Europe. With several renowned expert speakers and recipients of prestigious honours, including two Balzan Prizes, the 2019 Adam Kondorosi Advanced Prize and Lectureand the YAE Andre Mischke Prize, the plenary sessions have something for everyone. As in previous years, two other lectures will focus on research networks funded by COST Actions, an EU collaborative programme. Nobel Laureate Konstantin Novoselov (Physics, 2010) will give a lecture on graphene. Finally, the conference will conclude with the 2019 AE Distinguished Lecture, followed by a reception.

Friday, 25 October (all day). Optional. Traditional post-conference field trip, to Montblanc.

Participants are encouraged to sign up for the traditional post-conference field trip. This year we will travel southwest by coach bus to the walled ducal city of Montblanc, an important trading centre in medieval times; this is reflected in its many Gothic architectural gems, and also its Jewish Quarter (call), which was well-known in the Middle Ages all over the Iberian Peninsula. Close to the Prades mountain range, the area is home to many geological sites. The outing includes a traditional Catalan lunch, as well as a tour of the 12th-century Cistercian monastery of Poblet. (For the field trip, a separate fee of 75€ should be included during online conference registration; additional spots have just been added.)

On-line registrationscientific programme updates and logistical details are available on-line at http://buildingbridges-acadeuro.org/, with registration ending on October 10th. Logistic organisation, registration and payment are again being handled by the local agency Manners SL. The Organising Committee is looking forward to seeing you in Barcelona this October!