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The Barcelona Knowledge Hub, which serves as the Southern European and Mediterranean office of Academia Europaea (AE-BKH), enjoys a privileged position in one of world’s most cosmopolitan metropolises, attracting millions of visitors each year. Barcelona, as a port city, has been exposed to different civilizations and cultures throughout the ages, inspiring not just creators and artists, but also scientists and intellectuals, all of whom have helped turn it into a European city of research and innovation.

In line with its goal of promoting multidisciplinary activities that include transversal perspectives of the natural and exact sciences, the social sciences and the humanities, the AE-BKH seeks to draw on the dynamic local academic environment to create a new, on-line platform to help disseminate knowledge in a variety of disciplines but with a common focus: the city of Barcelona. This platform, entitled “Barcelona Reflections,” will feature articles, videos and presentations by Members of AE and by the large community of scholars in Barcelona and its area of influence, all with the highest standards of scientific rigor and prestige. Underlying its title is the key concept that the urban development of Barcelona mirrors its history and society, a point which AE-BKH scholars will ‘reflect’ on using the present platform. The end goal of the initiative is two-fold: to reinforce Barcelona’s position in a genuine European area of research, education and innovation, and to promote topics of a local focus to both the academic community and the general public, both near and far.

On the “Barcelona Reflections” platform, you will discover a wealth of resources regarding scholarly topics related to Barcelona, including:

  • Papers published by Members of AE and by other members of the academic community in Barcelona and its area of influence.
  • Videos and presentations, available on the AE-BKH’s “Barcelona-in-Action” channel on Vimeo.
  • Information regarding “Barcelona Dialogue”, an ongoing collaboration between Northeastern University in Boston, USA, and the AE-BKH for the organisation of an annual summer programme in the art, architecture and history of Barcelona.
  • Useful links: Barcelona Science Plan, etc.

We invite you to enter the aforementioned pages and welcome you to visit us in Barcelona.