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“City Unfinished”, a social cooperative initiative exploring Memory and Identity in the Self-Built City


June 15th. 19.00 h – 20.30 h. At the Goethe-Institut Barcelona (c/Roger de Flor 224)

Speakers: Zaida Muxi, Kathrin Golda-Pongratz

Moderator: Bettina Bremme

“City Unfinished – Voices of El Ermitaño” will take place as part of +Biennial, a programme of complementary activities held at different venues throughout Barcelona, following the conclusion of the second “City and Science” Biennial (June 8-13, 2021), organised by the Barcelona City Council.

The Academia Europaea – Barcelona Knowledge Hub (AE-BKH) holds a screening of the documentary, “City Unfinished – Voices of El Ermitaño” (Lima, 2018), in the auditorium of the Goethe-Institut Barcelona, followed by a debate on the main topics of the film: public space, community building, housing, memory and identity. The debate, featuring journalist and author Bettina Bremme (Goethe-Institut), architect and urban planner Zaida Muxi (ETSAB-UPC) and urban researcher and film director Kathrin Golda-Pongratz (UIC School of Architecture, ETSAV-UPC, AE-BKH), will invite the audience to participate, with the goal of exchanging ideas about the role of public space and housing in the construction of identity in different cultures, including our own.

About the documentary film, “Ciudad Infinita – Voces de El Ermitaño”: The film, lasting 29 minutes, is based on an investigation of the urbanisation and place-making processes in the neighbourhood of El Ermitaño (Independencia/Lima), in collaboration with British architect John F C Turner, who depicted and theorised about the self-construction of Peru in the 1960s. A rediscovery made in Turner’s files of an historic documentary filmed in El Ermitaño in 1964, and its later return to and screening in the place where it had been filmed, in 2016, helped to activate collective memory and trigger work on a new documentary. “Ciudad Infinita – Voces de El Ermitaño” (in Spanish, with subtitles in English) seeks to portray the current challenges facing the El Ermitaño neighbourhood as told by its residents. The film reactivates memories of its roots, in particular, of its different identities of migratory origin. The documentary furthermore helps raise awareness of the concerns and efforts of its people, while providing ideas of possible incentives for similar initiatives aimed at improving and consolidating neighbourhoods such as El Ermitaño.

This session will be conducted in Spanish. Advance registration required, as in-person attendance is limited due to COVID-19 restrictions: https://www.goethe.de/ins/es/es/sta/bcn/ver.cfm?event_id=22212946&fuseaction=events.detail&

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