Prof. Ricard Guerrero, Academic Director of the Barcelona Knowledge Hub (BKH) of the Academia Europaea, was in Lisbon on May 14–17 to prepare a workshop in commemoration of UNESCO’s International Year of Light and Light-based Technologies (IYL2015).

During the visit, Prof. Guerrero was received by the Mayor of Lisbon, Dr. Fernando Medina, and also met Dr. Rosalia Vargas, president of Ciência Viva, the Portuguese Agency for Scientific and Technological Culture, who will be co-organising the event. The meeting will be held in the well-known Pavilhão do Conhecimento (Pavilion of Knowledge) in Lisbon on July 2–3, 2015, and all members of the AE and the Young Academy of Europe (YAE) are welcome to attend.

 “Light, from the Earth to the Stars??? will be the title of the meeting, which will include several topics, from the structure of matter to the early development of life on Earth, and the connections between light and art. Radiation and the electromagnetic spectrum, the arrival of light to the Earth, the relationship between light and symbiosis, and optoelectronics will be some of the topics addressed by a multidisciplinary group of speakers. The meeting will be divided into five sections: Cosmic Light, Light and Technology, Light and Life, the Light of History, and Light and Art.

The workshop will also include a homage to Prof. José Mariano Gago, who was actively involved in the preparation of the meeting at the time of his death (April 17, 2015), and who was to give the Inaugural Lecture. A reception at the City Council on July 2, and a piano concert with a light show at the Pavilhão do Conhecimento on July 3 have also been scheduled.