A new statement of the Board of the Academia Europaea points out the concern to see the further financial proposals of the new European Commission, this time seeking approval of the European Parliament for a transfer of 2.7 billion Euros from the Horizon 2020 budget.

As it can be read in the statement, “the AE viewed the outcome of the political process that approved H2020, as the minimum necessary to provide for medium term stability and a safeguarding of our collective European research capacity development. Given the serious impacts of economic instability, such an investment programme must be seen as essential for sustainable, longer-term European recovery and future global competitiveness. The nature of the proposed work of the EFSI should in our view be financed from other pillars, including a consideration of other statutory financial instruments available for risk funding.”

The Young Academy of Europe has also addressed an open letter to the Members of the European Parliament in which they demand a stop to the «excessive cuts» and insist on «exploring and identifying alternative sources of funding for the European Fund for Strategic Investments that will have lesser costs on Europe’s future».

The statement of the Academia Europaea can be found here. The open letter of the Young Academy of Europe can be found here.